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Ekayana Buddhist Center is one of the Buddhist center in Jakarta, located at Jalan Mangga II No. 08, RT.08 RW.08, Duri Kepa Village, West Jakarta, established since 1995, led by Y.A. Mahasthawira Aryamaitri and Y.A. Thera Dharmavimala.

Y.A. Mahasthawira Aryamaitri


Y.A. Thera Dharmavimala


Ekayana means “One Vehicle “, in Sadharmapundarika Sutra stated that although there are many methods, the Buddha taught the truth the same truth. He showed the greath path through Triyana “Three Vehicles” Sravakayana, Pratekyabuddhayana, and Bodhisattvayana, but infact this is just one vehicle that is Buddhayana. In the Satipatana Sutra stated “Ekayana Maggo”, the only road to liberation is Mindfulness.

Ekayana Buddhist Center brings the spirit of non-sectarian, and therefore there Pali devotional puja, mandarin, and Tibetan. Dharma lectures and meditation techniques given in the traditions of Theravada, Mahayana, or Vajrayana. Everyone can find the most suitable method of practice for themself by staying open themelves to other methods, because the essence of Dharma practice is the mindfulness to be able to see everything as it is so they can respond with love and compassion.(Ekacarya)


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